Finishing & Deportment Courses

Women’s Image and Deportment Course

Women’s Image and Deportment Course

For the woman seeking a refreshed personal style, a renewed sense of self and an enhanced level of confidence. Deportment classes are delivered in an entertaining, supportive and relaxed manner; our expert 'hands-on' training will ensure that you achieve the results you are looking for.

Male Image Development Course

Male Image Development Course

An intensive course, specifically designed for a male who wants (or needs) to improve his confidence and his personal brand. This unique course includes highly practical workshops in wardrobe, etiquette, deportment and communication skills.

Image & Deportment Courses – Finishing, Etiquette & Confidence

Suzan Johnston Australia opened its welcoming doors in 1959 as a finishing school, providing lessons on etiquette, grooming and confidence. For more than five decades, our deportment courses and expert trainers have successfully helped both men and women in adopting the right social graces and preparing them for society’s ever-evolving practices.

Even in today’s contemporary cultural climate and modern outlook towards the roles of men and women, our self-development courses in Melbourne continue to help our graduates achieve an ideal balance between professional empowerment and personal confidence.

What’s Covered in our Image and Deportment Courses?

Our iconic image and deportment courses include expert instructions on deportment and social etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, personal grooming and wardrobe styling – all dedicated to helping participants make a powerful impact in both personal and professional settings.

All graduates of our finishing and confidence courses in Melbourne will also acquire lifetime membership to receive ongoing training free of charge, ensuring that they continue to navigate through every professional and social situation with self-assurance, confidence and polish.

If you’re thinking about enrolling in one of our Finishing and Deportment Courses…you may be interested to see one of our etiquette trainers in action…whilst giving Brendan Fevola (from Fox FM) a social etiquette lesson. Click on the video below: