Certificate III in Early Childcare Education Image

CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

One of our childcare course students during her nappy changing assessment
Fun times! Our childcare course includes lots of practical games and activities
Our students during a practical learning activity
Hands-on practical classes - a unique learning environment
Group shot during an excursion to the Melbourne Museum
Child care course students having fun whilst making new friends!
Our students in action - dancing like no one is watching
One of our child care course students busy working on an activity
Child Care Course participants in our Melbourne training centre
Group shot! Exploring the various cultures of our students
Activity time! Good fun!
Some of our students having fun!
Child Care Course - First Aid Training Day
Certificate 3 in Child Care - Graduation Day
Child care and nanny training at our Melbourne training facility
Fun times. Child care and nanny course participants playing games
Child Care Course students - participating in their First Aid Training
Making green slime - good fun!
Child Care Course - Students completing First Aid Activities
Learning to play again
Cert 3 in Early Childhood - Graduation day
Child Care students practising setting up learning experiences
Child care course during their 'Interview Preparation Day' pictured with our Image Consultant
Our child care courses include grooming & job interview preparation training
One of our passionate trainers 'in action' - during the cultural unit
First Aid Workshops are part of our child care training
Having fun!
Our child care qualfication includes practical First Aid training - CPR
Practical 'hands-on' learning
Our child care course participants during a practical learning activity
Child care and nanny training is fun and engaging. Classes are relaxed and highly practical.
Learning to change nappies - practical session
Guest Speaker Time! Nanny Recruitment Agency discussing possible career options available
Our child care courses include first aid training - students practicing first aid techniques
Industry Guest Speaker offering our current students part-time employment during their studies
Learning is supposed to be fun!
Students during a practical exercise
Some of our child care course students during a classroom activity
Child care course students in action - playing games and singing songs
Child Care Course - Excursion time
Child care training in action - students having fun whilst playing games & singing songs
Last day for some of our child care course students
During the course we have many industry guest speakers/experts in to chat to the students
One of our child care students busy planning suitable activities for children
Hands-on training produces the best outcomes for our students
Our Child Care Courses include many practical workshops in play
So this is what five Hungry Caterpillars looks like...?
Our child care course students sharing a meal whilst studying different cultures
Our child care course students playing with science & exploration experiences
Special industry guest speaker meets our Child Care Course students
Nappy changing lessons - just one of the many practical activities in our child care course
Our iconic 'Grooming & Interview Preparation Lessons' are included in our childcare course
Child Care course students sharing a meal
Learning to play games again...our child care students in action
Students enjoying one of many classroom activities
Re-learning childhood games, songs and activities - our child care course in action
Learning to be child care workers can be fun with lots of hands-on practical activities
Learning about different cultures through food and costumes
Our child care course in action - playing games (all part of the job)
Our child care course in action - having so much fun!
Our students learning to make 'child friendly slime' - knowledge and skills for the future
Our child care course is highly practical - with lots of relevant child care related activities
Having fun - our child care course in action
Reading books - such important skills for our future educators
Playing games and singing songs - our childcare lessons are highly practical and fun
Puzzle time - Learning age appropriate games & learning activities
Hands-on practical activities ensure child care lessons are fun, engaging & relevant
Hands-on activities make learning at Suzan Johnston highly engaging and memorable
Some of our child care course students dressed in their National Costumes
Group Shot!
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