Finishing and Deportment Course

Finishing Course students learning make-up application techniques
Our Finishing Course is highly practical, fun & engaging (as you can see by these girls' faces)
Deportment & Posture Practical Session
Practical Make-up Lessons
School Holiday - Finishing Course 2016
Make-up tutorials with our professional make-up artist
Selfie time! Our part-time, Finishing Course students with our professional stylist
Interview training workshops - another part of our finishing and deportment classes
Practical make-up classes in action
Make-up Practical Classes
Group shot - our Finishing & Deportment Course learners on their last day
Graduation day!
Practical Make-up Lessons
Finishing Course - Deportment Lessons
Effective communication and listening skills are part of our deportment lessons
Deportment exercises
Practical Make-up Classes in our make-up studio
Finishing Course students during the Job Interview Workshop
School Holidays - Finishing Course - Students taking a break
Make-up Artist demonstrates how (your turn next)
Graduation Day - Goodbye to new friends
Deportment and Posture Practical Classes
Our Finishing Course includes practical make-up lessons with a professional make-up artist
Our professional make-up artist demonstrating application techniques
Deportment Lessons
School Holiday Finishing Course - Make up lessons
Selfie time! Finishing Course participants having fun
Hair styling classes - Finishing course students practising new skills
Make up techniques - with Professional Make-up Artist
Finishing lessons underway - a lesson with our professional make-up artist
Graduation Day - School Holiday Finishing Course
A make-up demonstration with our professional make-up artist
Make-up application techniques being demonstrated
Make up techniques - with make up artist
Finishing Course participants learning to apply a natural day make-up
Group shot! The happy faces say it all :-)
Etiquette lessons - learning to shake hands with confidence
Selfie time - nice memories for course participants.
Learning techniques for life
Group shot...our part-time Finishing & Deportment Course participants
SJ Make-up Studio - Make-up Classes
Girls learn to 'do it themselves' in our practical make-up classes
Group hugs! Graduation day for our Finishing & Deportment Course
Some of our Finishing Course students during their communication skills training
Our professional make-up artist giving the girls a tutorial on application
Our finishing and deportment lessons are fun, fun, fun!!
Practice makes perfect!
Group hugs! Graduation day and time to say goodbye to new friends
A practical make-up lesson in our make-up studio
Graduation Day - Group shot!
A make-up demonstration in action - our Finishing Course
Learning to shake hands with confidence - part of our etiquette training
Group shot - Finishing & Model Course participants
Learning how to give yourself the perfect manicure!
Practising new make-up techniques
Selfie time!
Practical hands-on make-up classes - developing skills and confidence for life
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