Having Great Photos Taken – Part 2

Top 4 Styling Tips for Photographic Modelling

Continuing on from Part 1 of ‘Having Great Photos Taken’ where we discussed lighting, tactical posing and smiling with a “smize”, this week we talk about the little aesthetic enhancements that will help put the finishing touches on great photos.

1. Get the Right Makeup

For women, makeup can help make you look great (or terrible) in photos. One of the things we demonstrate in our modeling classes is proper makeup application. Through hands-on participation, our modeling course students very quickly learn that when applied artfully, the right makeup can really enhance their features.

For example, the trusty concealer is your best friend for trouble spots such as blemishes, skin redness around the nose and dark circles under your eyes. Meanwhile, a dusting of translucent powder on your T-zone (which includes the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin) can significantly reduce the grease-pan look.

modeling makeup Our modelling course touches on the latest makeup application trends. We’ve all heard of how the world of modelling went absolutely ga-ga over contouring. For those of you who are still catching up, contouring involves strategically placing blush/bronzer on the hollow of your cheeks, temples and side of your nose to shape and define the facial structure. On runways and photoshoots, good contouring really makes your face ‘pop’. One good tip with contouring is to go light-handed on the blush/bronzer and to blend everything in really well. Harsh, solid stripes only ever look good on zebras.

For participants at our model school who find the focus of depths and valleys in contouring too complicated (or too severe), we also highlight the benefits of strobing. Think of strobing as contouring’s fun and fresh little sister. It is basically a term for highlighting that focuses exclusively on emphasising the peaks of your face where the light would naturally hit. Instead of bronzers and blush, strobing uses highlighters and illuminators to give you an ethereal oomph – a complexion that is dewy, shimmery and more radiant.

Once you are happy prepping the canvas that is your complexion, line your eyes with eyeliner to help them appear bigger in photos. Curl your lashes and whip them with multiple lashings of mascara to make your eyes really stand out. Sparse brows can be filled in to frame the eyes better before you finish off with a dash of lip colour to support that “smize”.

2. Good Hair Days

During modeling lessons, we talk a lot about making our limbs and complexion come alive, but we also need to remember to give our hair some life too. If you have ‘second-day’ hair that seems to have gone flat and lifeless, flip your head over and spray the roots with dry shampoo. Run your hands through it and brush out the excess powder. Voila! Va-va-voom volume!
modeling photography

It’s also important to go easy on the styling products. Hair that looks wet or crunchy from too much product won’t photograph well. The old ‘hairspray on a toothbrush’ trick still works a charm to control frizz so you don’t see flyaway strands in your photos.

Students in our runway classes and catwalk lessons are also encouraged to think about posing their hair. Don’t just have it all on your shoulders. Instead, have it in front of you, behind you, or over one shoulder. Play with different hair partings that will really complement the shape of your face.

3. The Clothes Maketh The (Wo)Man

Image trainers at our modelling school often discuss the importance of wearing the right clothes that you know look good on you. Dress in flattering cuts that make you feel confident. When you attend our modelling training, our professional stylist will assist you in establishing what colours look good with your complexion and current hair colour.

When wearing patterns, make sure to choose them carefully – smaller patterns can look busy and messy in a photo, while big, bold patterns can look overwhelming. As a general rule, solids tend to look better than patterns in photos, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego patterns altogether. Instead of wearing patterns from head to toe, pick one patterned element and balance it out with a solid piece.

If you want to look thinner, wear darker clothes. If you’re thin, try wearing light-coloured clothes.

4. Repeat After Me: Be Confident

Here’s one tip from our previous blog that we feel is worth repeating: make sure you feel proud of who you are. We waste so much time comparing ourselves to others, wishing to look like someone we aren’t. Self-confidence really is the most attractive quality. If you are confident, you are beautiful. And it comes through in photos.

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Good luck!
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