How Elocution Lessons Can Help You

Elocution is the study and development of a clear and expressive speaking voice. Many people are not happy with their speaking voice. Have you ever cringed when you played back a recording of your voice? If so, you’re not alone! The good news is that your voice can be developed and improved. At Suzan Johnston Australia, we have been teaching the art of elocution in Melbourne for over 60 years.

Your Voice Matters

The moment you speak, you reveal so much about yourself. Your voice mirrors your personality with a language all its own. All the elements of your speaking voice culminate to send a message out to others, beyond the words you speak. Others will form opinions based on your voice, such as how friendly, trustworthy, reliable, believable and intelligent you are.

By developing and improving your speech, you are also improving your confidence. Furthermore, this improves the potential to make friends, to have career success, gain promotions, make sales, win the respect of others and speak effectively to audiences.

What Happens During Elocution Lessons?

There are many aspects of a good speaking voice. Often our best voice is hidden under many bad speech habits. Thankfully these habits can be identified and corrected with the help of a trained professional.

Our Finishing and Deportment Course includes comprehensive speech training sessions, where we help students to understand how voice is created in the body and how to improve all aspects of their voice. Some aspects of the voice that we work to help improve include tone, rate of speech, volume, inflections, breath, pitch, tension, pronunciation, enunciation, articulation, posture, facial expression and eye contact.

The Goal?

To bring out the best version of your speaking voice! There are so many reasons why people wish to improve their speaking voice. Perhaps it’s to improve speaking publically, over the phone, socially or behind the lens. Generally, the goal is to create a voice that embodies the following characteristics:

Elocution classes in Melbourne

If you feel frustrated by your voice, we can help you. Find your true voice that reflects who you really are. Develop the right tone of voice to get your message across. Be able to engage in conversations more confidently and effectively.

Elocution lessons are offered at Suzan Johnston Australia as part of our Finishing and Grooming courses. We offer these courses for all genders and ages. If you’re interested to learn what happens in a modern-day Finishing School, read our blog piece here.

We can also offer private training for students wishing to develop their speaking voice in a one-on-one situation. All training is held at our conveniently situated Bourke Street Melbourne city location. Remote private training (via Zoom) can also be arranged.

At Suzan Johnston Australia, we are passionate about helping people realise their ‘full self’ and therefore empowering them to move through life with confidence and grace. For more information, please call or email to discuss your personal needs with us. We’d love to help you on your journey.