Professional Development & Receptionist Training – Well Worth the Investment

Multiple phone lines are ringing, clients are standing at the front desk, and colleagues are asking questions. Can your receptionist multi-task all this effectively with the necessary confidence and professionalism?

A receptionist is the first person clients speak to when they call and the first person they meet when they walk in. Your receptionist is therefore the face of your business and the key to your business making a positive first impression upon all your potential cliental. While you are busy investing time and money growing your business, an impersonal and/or unprofessional receptionist could be a loss creator. As a result, investing in the training and professional development of your receptionist is vital to your business’ success.

The two-day Receptionist and Customer Service Course at Suzan Johnston Australia is a short course that is specially designed to equip front desk/reception staff with the skills and confidence required to work professionally and seamlessly, regardless of the industry or how busy/challenging the role is. This intensive secretarial course is motivational and engaging, and will assist your staff in making confident and positive first impressions.


What Does Our Receptionist and Customer Service Course Involve?

Our specially designed receptionist training is conducted in a pleasant workshop setting. In addition to learning effective telephone skills and techniques through speech enhancement, participants will also receive customer service training that provides them with the skills to successfully satisfy even the most demanding clients and challenging scenarios.

For the receptionist training component, participants will learn the elements of making a first-class impression both on the phone and in person. Our expert trainers will enable them to identify their own communication styles and subsequently also learn how to adjust their tone, voice and wording.  They will also discuss strategies for time management, enabling them to handle a variety of situations and tasks with patience and professionalism.

For the customer service training component, participants will adopt ways to interpret both verbal and non-verbal cues in themselves and others, and in turn learn to communicate and deal effectively with problematic internal and external customers in tactful and courteous ways.

Who Teaches Our Receptionist Training Workshops?

Our receptionist training courses in Melbourne are delivered by experienced and dynamic professionals. Their role is to ensure that each workshop is highly enjoyable, motivational and memorable. Workshops are largely hands-on and will include real-life scenarios and role play in order to keep the content engaging and relevant.


Where Are These Receptionist Courses Delivered?

This unique receptionist and customer service course is delivered at our conveniently located training facility in the heart of Bourke Street, Melbourne. Alternatively, training can be delivered in-house at your place of business. The reception course content and duration can also be tailored for specific employees and modified to meet your specific business objectives and training budget.

Feel like it’s time you made the first step in a worthy investment? For more information on our Customer Service and Receptionist Training Workshops in Melbourne, please visit our website ( or call us on (03) 9654 0999 to speak with one of our friendly consultants.