Short Courses for Confidence & Self-Image

Women are such multi-faceted creatures, taking on a wide range of roles that often include daughter, partner, mother, employee and employer. Whatever roles we have played or will play, we all have a perception of how we are generally represented to the public – our self-image. However, in a lifetime of juggling the various roles and the influence of an assortment of external factors, our self-image can sometimes become distorted.

We may be a young mother, finding that there are days when we rarely have the chance to get out of our pyjamas much less remember our definition of style, or we may be attempting to rise up the corporate ladder, wondering how we can better brand ourselves to move up yet another rung. We may even be that newly-single woman, realising that after years of being in a relationship, our sense of self has been skewed to accommodate that of our ex-partner’s expectations.

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As we shift through the different stages, the way we think and feel about ourselves very often meanders in and out between the positive and the negative, making confidence courses and etiquette training ever more important for building confidence and raising self-esteem.

Women’s Image Development & Finishing Course – The Development of Self, Mind and Voice

“We don’t `make’ a girl beautiful. We simply enhance her self-esteem and show her that she already is.” – Donna Leigh CEO

For 57 years, Suzan Johnston Australia has been fostering the development of self, mind and voice in women. We pioneered deportment courses that included finishing and etiquette training, and for five decades we have continued to empower young girls and women who are progressing through different eras and different societal expectations.

Today, due to popular demand, we offer a finishing course exclusively for women aged 30 – 50 plus years. Titled ‘Women’s Image Development Course’, this program is specifically designed to help women who have tackled various stages and roles in life and are seeking to regain confidence in their self-image.

Whether you’re looking to return to the workforce, move up the corporate ladder, re-enter the dating game, or you simply wish to re-align your self-image to your current circumstances, our supportive and practical deportment training will help you rediscover and redevelop your sense of self-confidence.

Our Historical Finishing Training

Upholding our iconic roots in finishing school training, our present-day Women’s Image Development course includes the enhancement of your posture and deportment so you can master the art of a confident first impression and positive body language.

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Participants will also receive practical social etiquette guidance, including table manners, networking skills and acceptable conduct in various social and business settings. Part of our etiquette training also involves imparting communication skills that will help you converse confidently as well as engage better with others through receptive listening.

The full-time (2 days) and part-time (5 weeks) Women’s Image Development Course provides hands-on direction in helping you re-package yourself by updating your image and make-up techniques as well as your wardrobe, providing you with advice that will help you enhance your body type and inspire you to be your most confident self.

Over the decades, thousands of women of all ages (and also men) have attended one of our renowned Finishing and Deportment Courses. Today, these training programs are even more in demand than ever, with approximately 1,000 students participating in one of our many short courses and accredited training programs each year.

Want More Information on Our Women’s Image Development Course?

For more information on our highly-regarded Women’s Image Development Course, or any of our other Grooming and Finishing Courses, please visit our website at or call us on (03) 9654 0999 to speak with one of our friendly consultants.