So You Want to Become a Nanny?

Have you been thinking about working as a professional nanny? There has never been a better time to launch your nanny career!

Less than a decade ago, a nannying job offered little more career benefits than being employed as a regular babysitter. However, due to enormous worldwide demand, nannying has today become a career with job security, superannuation, annual leave, and wonderful salary incentives.

For some lucky celebrity nannies, it can also be a glamorous job that involves working with wealthy and/or famous families – all while being paid extraordinary salaries and travelling the world!

However, most nannies also work very hard and are often expected to work long days (approximately 9 to 10 hour days can be the norm). At times, the role of a nanny can be extremely demanding, requiring a lot of patience and maturity, especially when caring for a sick or demanding baby.

Nanny Training

For many parents, employing a nanny is a wonderful alternative to conventional childcare options. A nanny can give parents flexibility within their working hours while offering families the luxury of having their babies and small children being able to stay at home (and not having to rush them out the door early in the morning). It also enables children to play with their own toys, sleep in their own beds, and most importantly, to receive exceptional one-on-one quality care.

What Qualifications and Experience do you need to get a Job As A Nanny?

Anyone considering a career as a nanny should be aware that parents look for applicants with suitable child care qualifications and relevant experience, including:

  • Previous child care or nanny experience (or even just lots of baby sitting experience)
  • A Working with Children Check
  • A current first aid qualification
  • Relevant childcare qualifications (i.e. Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care)

The perfect nanny also requires a number of key personal attributes, including:

  • Patience, reliability, punctuality and integrity
  • The ability to care for small children whilst keeping them safe and happy
  • And, of course, a genuine love of children

The Suzan Johnston Training Organization (Bourke Street, Melbourne) offers a highly respected and nationally recognised child care course that includes comprehensive nanny training skills. Our Certificate 3 in Early Childhood includes hands-on training in Nanny Skills, Children’s Health & Development, First Aid, Nutrition & Food Preparation, and extensive Practical Work Experience.

Are there many jobs for Nannies in Australia?

Many of the Suzan Johnston child care and nanny course graduates do go overseas to work, but there is also enormous demand right here in Australia. Approximately 90 to 100 % of our nanny course graduates are successfully employed within just a few weeks of their course completion.

What is the Nanny Pilot Program?

The demand for qualified nannies continues to grow far beyond supply with the launch of a new government program. The Australian Government will be investing $246 million over the next two years (2016 – 2017) into something called the Nanny Pilot Program.

This pilot program will provide government subsidised nannies to literally thousands of families (and an estimated 10,000 children). Naturally, the recent launch of this program has generated unprecedented demand for qualified nannies, with one of Melbourne’s most respected nanny agencies (Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency) currently searching for more than 500 nannies to meet current demand.

Take the First Step towards Your Nanny Career Today

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