The Evolution of Finishing and Deportment Courses

old style finishing courseThe Suzan Johnston Training Organization has been offering Finishing and Deportment Courses to Melbournians since 1959 (more than 57 years). Over the decades, thousands of young women (and men) have attended one of the college’s renowned deportment courses. Today, these training programs are even more in demand than ever – approximately 1,000 students are participating in one of the many Suzan Johnston Courses each year, with some even travelling from as far as Perth, New Zealand and China to attend.

We take a quick look at how these courses have evolved over the years and detail what they currently impart.

Finishing Courses of the 50s and 60s

Suzan Johnston Finishing Courses have obviously evolved and changed dramatically over the decades. Initially, back in the 50s and 60s, these short courses taught young girls how to walk with books perched upon their heads, how to dress demurely, and how to be the perfect hostess. Today, a few of these old-style finishing schools are still operating in Switzerland. With tuition fees of around $20,000 US for a 6-week course, they ensure teenage girls (usually from very wealthy families) develop a variety of social graces, including hostessing finesse, cooking and pastry making, conversational techniques (in both English and French), and the fine arts.

Modern Finishing Courses

Nowadays, it’s a very different scene at Suzan Johnston Australia. Here, for only $675, our young participants learn positive body language, assertiveness skills, how to dress to suit their own individual body shape (not just following fashion or peers blindly), eating for health, and modern etiquette.

The primary function of a modern-day Suzan Johnston Finishing Course (also known as a deportment course or Image Development Course) is to empower young people with self-assurance, social confidence, effective communication skills, and a strong ‘sense of self’ – all important life skills today, particularly when girls as young as 13 years are being exposed to drugs, sex, plastic surgery and internet chat rooms

finishing course

Benefits of Enrolling

It is understandable why hundreds of parents enrol their daughters in one of these short courses each year, believing that the knowledge and confidence gained will be an integral part of their child’s general life education. The school holiday finishing courses are extremely popular with girls aged between 13 – 17 years, a period when girls want to learn about the latest techniques in make-up, fashion and skin care (and the parents are thrilled about their daughters improving their speech, deportment and manners, too!).

Learn More Today

Suzan Johnston Finishing Courses are available part-time (five Saturday mornings 9.00 am – 1.30 pm) and also full-time (one week in the school holidays). For more information on a Suzan Johnston Finishing Course, please phone (03) 9654 0999.