Top 10 Ways to Make a Positive First Impression

First impressions… what’s the big deal? Learning the art of creating a positive first impression is a fundamental tool to ensure a successful and happy life. When you create a positive first impression, there are so many benefits that may follow on. At Suzan Johnston Australia, we believe in the power of first impressions. We love to teach and inspire students to feel confident to put their best foot forward, whether that’s in a job interview, social encounter, presenting to a group or the many other scenarios where first impressions count. To understand more about how first impressions are formed and why they are so important, read our other blog piece First Impressions Last!

Here’s a list of our top 10 ways to create a positive first impression!

1. Consider Your Grooming

Taking care in your appearance is vital for a positive first impression. There are many things to consider such as your clothing, your shoes, your accessories and the amount of fragrance to use. You’ll also want to think about well-manicured nails, your hair, skincare and make-up (if you wear it). The golden rules here are to be clean and tidy, and dress appropriately for the occasion.

2. Be On Time

Plan ahead where you can. Aim to arrive early so you can take a moment to gather your thoughts and be present in the moment. If running late is unavoidable, give the other person as much notice as possible.

3. Smile Authentically

So simple, yet so effective. As the saying goes, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Keep your smiling sincere and warm, and others will be left feeling at ease and relaxed.

4. Check Your Posture and Body Language

When it comes to making a good first impression, your posture and body language can often speak louder than words. Stand tall, make eye contact and keep your body language open and friendly.

5. Be Attentive

Show the other person you are genuinely interested and respectful of them by being attentive and courteous. Give your full attention, and don’t be distracted by things such as mobile phones. Use active listening techniques and don’t forget your manners!

6. Be Yourself

Don’t try and be something you are not. The best way to create a positive first impression is to be your authentic self.

7. Follow Up.

Don’t forget that last impressions count too! Ending the encounter in a positive way can also go a long way. After a job interview or important meeting, a quick follow-up email or call to thank the person for their time shows you care.

8. Be Culturally Appropriate

It’s always good to research and ask questions to learn more about other cultures so you can be respectful and not accidently cause offence.

9. Talk Kindly to Yourself

We all have an inner dialogue. Remember to keep yours in check. It’s okay to feel nervous in a new or important situation, everybody does! Acknowledge your nerves, but also focus on the other things that are positive about the situation.

10. Use Small Talk

When meeting others for the first time, small talk is a life saver! It allows the conversation to flow at a level that everyone is relaxed with. It allows for people to get to know each other slowly and comfortably. A great tip here is to ask open questions. It’s an ideal opportunity to find out more about the other person.

First Impressions Training with Suzan Johnston Australia

At Suzan Johnston Australia, we are passionate about helping people realise their ‘full self’ and therefore empowering them to move through life with confidence and grace.

All of our Nationally Recognised Courses and Short Personal Development Courses offer practical guidance and feedback on how to create positive first impressions. This training is included in all of our vocational and accredited courses, such as:

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