Trainer Profile – Vanessa Sultana, Receptionist Course Trainer

Starting this week, we’ll be putting up trainer profiles on a regular basis, giving everyone the opportunity to get to know who’s who within the wonderful team making things happen here at Suzan Johnston Australia. This week, we meet Vanessa Sultana – a former student and current trainer of our receptionist course.

VANESSA SULTANA – Receptionist Course Trainer

My administration career actually began right here at Suzan Johnston Training Organization! Back in mid-2011, I commenced my part-time studies in the Certificate II in Business with Suzan Johnston with the intention to build up my telephone skills training as well as my customer service training. Upon completion of the receptionist course, I progressed on to the Certificate III in Business Administration to undertake further PA training.

Not long after I completed the personal assistant course, a position coincidentally became available at Suzan Johnston as their receptionist. This was a major stepping stone for me – I spent a year in the role really developing my receptionist and secretarial skills. One of the things I loved most was providing receptionist training to our work experience students. I enjoyed this so much that I decided to complete my qualification in Training and Assessment.

From Receptionist to Receptionist Course Trainer

Eventually when a trainer and assessor role opened up for the Certificate II in Business to deliver the secretarial course at Suzan Johnston, I immediately jumped on it. Around two years later, I was also promoted to train the business administration course for our Certificate III in Business Administration students.

I am currently working full-time as the Office Manager at a property development firm whilst still delivering business training on a part-time basis. Having trained both the Certificate II in Business and Certificate III Business Administration courses for 3 years now, I have witnessed how they truly benefit those who are either in the process of changing or commencing their careers, as well as those who are currently in the industry and would like updated administration training in the field. The blended delivery of the courses are designed to be flexible and all-inclusive, making them suitable for entry level learners as well as employees who already have intermediate skills.


As much as I enjoy delivering all of the units in both courses, ‘Produce Simple Word Processed Documents’ is a particular favourite of mine. We have a number of students attending the Office Administration course who are interested in improving their technical skills (especially Microsoft Word and Excel) and I enjoy the sense of achievement that registers on students’ faces when they overcome a challenging chapter.

I believe the students also enjoy the grooming, confidence and interview preparation workshops included within our business courses. This is really something unique that no other registered training organisations or business colleges that I know of provide to the students who are enrolled in their administration courses.

At Suzan Johnston, we also provide students who are enrolled in our business training (and our other nationally recognised training courses, for that matter) with regular guidance in Résumé writing as well as classes that are dedicated to helping them dress and conduct themselves professionally for interviews – all of which truly help enhance their confidence in taking that next step to being job ready.

For me, as a trainer, there is no bigger sense of accomplishment than having a student complete a course and gain employment. We talk a lot about employability skills in class and one of the best pieces of advice I have given and continue to give to all my students is to make sure they keep up-to-date with their technical skills as well as to adopt a proactive approach to work.

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