The Government’s Child Care Sector Budget Allocations. How Does This Affect Current and Future Child Care Students?

Thinking about a career in Early Childhood? The time is NOW.

The demand for quality CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care graduates is higher than ever before. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, the growing evidence to support the benefits of early childhood education. The benefits extend beyond the child and their family, and to the society at large. This is explored in more detail in one of our earlier blogs. Secondly, because of the huge benefits to society, governments at both state and federal levels have come to the table to financially support the industry in multiple ways.

Just how this affects our current and future Suzan Johnston Child Care course students will be explained in this blog. Read on to learn more about how you can benefit!

Government Funding

The topic of Early Childhood education is high on the agenda for governments, and this can be seen by the various funding being dedicated to the sector.

One example is the Victorian Government’s Best Start Best Life program which will deliver 15 hours of funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten per week. This will be available in both standalone kindergartens and long day care (childcare) centres.

Source: Vic Gov

Alongside the building and expansion of kindergarten facilities across Victoria, 6000 new jobs will be created within the sector. Good news for anyone thinking about entering the industry!

In addition, the Federal Government’s latest budget also sees $1.6 billion over the next 4 years allocated towards funding preschool education. Another welcome boost for early childhood education.

Government Funded Child Care Courses

Together with the sector funding, government subsided training schemes such as JobTrainer and Skills First are available to ensure there’s an increase in qualified educators available to meet the demand of current and new jobs in the sector. These government funded Early Childhood Education and Care Courses are on offer at Suzan Johnston Australia, located in Melbourne. Contact us to see if you are eligible to receive government funded training.

Job Growth in the Sector

The expected job growth across Australia over the next 5 years anticipates an increase of Early Learning Centre Manager roles by 20.9%, or in other words, 16,000 jobs. Childcare workers are expected to experience the largest surge in jobs, with a forecast of 27,600 jobs by 2023 across Australia.

Centres are already struggling to meet the demand for early childhood educators. And with expected growth of jobs, you can see why the time is NOW to get started on your career journey into the childcare sector.

A career in the Early Childhood Education sector offers steady and rewarding employment. The future has never been brighter for anyone studying early childhood education and care qualifications. Due to the demand in staff, there are opportunities to work while you study. This means you could start working and earning whilst you undertake your early childhood qualification!

At Suzan Johnston, we are passionate about empowering and educating students to get started in a fulfilling and stable career. Our 27 years of childcare training excellence will open doors to endless employment opportunities within this high-growth industry.

For more information, please call or email us to discuss your personal needs. We’d love to help you on your journey.