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Welcome to Suzan Johnston Australia

Learn from the best! Founded in 1959, the name Suzan Johnston is renowned throughout Australia for delivering superior and quality training programs. With more than six decades of training experience, Suzan Johnston Australia has an enduring reputation for delivering nationally recognised training of the highest standard.

Industry Recognition and Accreditation of your Nationally Recognised Training

The Suzan Johnston Organization (Aust.) Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number 170).

We have been offering Nationally Recognised Training since 1993 (30 years). We were one of Victoria’s very first Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number 170), Suzan Johnston Australia is approved to deliver the following Nationally Recognised Qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework:

Graduates from our Nationally Recognised Training programs are highly regarded and actively sought after for their outstanding knowledge, skills and professionalism.

Delivering quality training for 64 years, Suzan Johnston Australia is the name employers know and an RTO that industry trusts and respects. Graduating from Suzan Johnston Australia with one of our Nationally Recognised Training Qualifications gives our graduates a definite competitive edge when pursuing employment.



Government Funded Training available at Suzan Johnston Australia

Great news for our prospective students!

You may be eligible for Skills First Government Funding whilst studying a Nationally Recognised Qualification with Suzan Johnston!

So now you can study at Suzan Johnston Australia and only pay a small portion of our standard course fees! Eligibility Criteria apply.

*This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding. Eligibility Criteria applies.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – contact one of our consultants to see if you are eligible for Government Funded Training now!