Government Funded Training in South Australia

Great news for our prospective students living or working in South Australia!

Currently the South Australian Government is offering opportunities for you to enrol in a course on the Subsidised Training List.

This means if you are eligible for a subsidised place:

Suzan Johnston Australia offer the following Government Subsidised qualifications:

So now you can study at Suzan Johnston Australia and only pay a small portion of our standard course fees!

*This training is delivered with funding from the South Australian Government. Eligibility Criteria applies.



Eligibility criteria for Government Funded Training in South Australia

You may be eligible for Government Subsidised Training if you live or work in South Australia, and you are:

and you are:

Please contact us to confirm if you are eligible for Government Funded training.

You can also do a quick check on the Government of South Australia’s website – Check My Eligibility  



Concessions Holders

If you meet the eligibility criteria and hold a current Commonwealth Healthcare Card or pension card, you may be eligible to receive a further fee concession.

Application and Enrolment process

To enrol in one of our Government Subsidised Courses you will need to:

  1. Contact us to discuss your chosen course, your suitability and your eligibility for Government Funding
  2. Provide evidence of eligibility (Medicare Card, Passport, Driver’s License or Visa etc)
  3. Complete the Upfront Assessment of Need which includes supervised, online testing to ensure you receive the right support to successfully complete your training.
  4. Complete a Participant Enrolment/Agreement Form

For 2024 Government Subsidised TUITION FEES & ADDITIONAL CHARGES