Transitioning to Kinder Teaching: A Unique Opportunity for Registered School Teachers

In response to the growing demand for early childhood teachers in Australia, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) has introduced a transitional measure. This allows registered primary or secondary school teachers to become kinder teachers after completing the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

This temporary arrangement, set to end in December 2024, presents a valuable opportunity for qualified teachers. If the Certificate III in Early Childhood certification is obtained before the deadline, it will continue to be recognized beyond 2024.

To be considered equivalent to an early childhood teacher, individuals must hold a primary or secondary teaching qualification, teacher registration in Australia, and an ACECQA approved Certificate III level early childhood education and care qualification. Visit the ACECQA website for more information.

For registered primary or secondary school teachers pursuing this transition, ACECQA offers a streamlined process. Upon completing the Certificate III in Early Childhood, combined with existing qualifications, teachers are automatically considered to meet the requirements for an equivalent early childhood teacher.

For those looking to balance work and study, Suzan Johnston Australia provides a flexible online self-paced delivery option. This includes pre-recorded Zoom classes, personalized learning and assessment activities, and support from trainers through email, telephone, and optional Zoom sessions.

Practical placement, a crucial component, entails 160 hours in a regulated child care service, typically arranged during school holiday breaks.

As an additional incentive, Suzan Johnston Australia has secured Government Funded places in 2023. Eligible candidates (Australian, New Zealand citizens, or permanent residents residing in Victoria or South Australia) can access the early childhood course for a significantly reduced fee of $250.00 (Victoria) or $600.00 (South Australia) plus material costs.

To learn more about the Certificate III in Early Childhood, visit Suzan Johnston’s website at

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to upskill and embark on a rewarding career in early childhood education.