Practical Placement, Trainers and Delivery Methods


This course will include extensive ‘ hands-on’ practical placement within the children’s services industry.

Your trainers will assist you to find a suitable placement host and will also be available to offer you continued support and encouragement whilst you complete this practical component. We will also visit you at your placement site to assess your practical skills and provide you with any additional support and mentoring where required.

Practical Placement is unpaid; however, it is possible as you progress through the course and become more experienced, that you may be offered paid employment within a child care centre. When employed within a child care centre, you can contribute your regular paid hours towards your Practical Placement hours.

If you are currently employed within a child care centre, you can complete your placement hours in your place of employment (whilst getting paid!).

The contacts our students make throughout their practical placement experience often lead to permanent full-time or part-time positions.


Learn from the best!

Our practical and interactive childcare classes are delivered within a relaxed and supportive learning environment. Suzan Johnston trainers are dedicated to teaching and have extensive industry skills and experience.

Our small class sizes ensure that our trainers can work closely with you to personalise your learning experience, providing you with the help and support you require every step of the way.

Students can choose to attend either face-to-face classes (at our training centre) or virtually/online classes (study from home).

Virtual classes are live interactive trainer-led learning experiences where you can hear and see your trainer delivering regularly scheduled lessons. During each lesson, you’ll be able to ask questions and participate in activities etc. After each virtual/online class, your trainer will be available to support your studies and answer any questions.



We have recently returned to face-to-face/classroom-based delivery of our Child Care Course. However, our virtual/online child care classes will remain available to anyone who may prefer to study from home.

We’ve been conducting classroom-based training for 62 years, and as always, our team members’ and students’ health and safety remain our highest priority.

Our comprehensive COVID Safe Plan includes the following measures to provide you with peace of mind as you complete your child care training with us:

People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.