Your Guide to Securing a Government Funded Child Care Course

Across Australia, the Early Childhood Education and Care sector faces unprecedented demand for qualified educators. In 2024, the State and Federal Governments have announced they will continue to subsidise nationally recognised child care courses to help address current (and projected) staff shortages.

What is Government Funded Training?

Both state and federal Governments lend a helping hand by subsidising approved training courses. The aim? To make Nationally Recognised child care courses accessible to all, without the burden of student loans.

Government Funded Training is not ‘means tested’ and is unlike the HECS-HELP student loan. You will not be required to repay your government-subsidised course fees now or in the future!

If you live in Victoria or South Australia and are interested in commencing a child care course, you may be eligible for funding.

How do you know if you are eligible for Government Funded Training?

With recent changes to eligibility criteria for Government Funded Training, millions more Victorians and South Australians will now have access to a Government Funded Child Care Course (when they wouldn’t have been eligible in the past).

You may be eligible for Government Subsidised Training while studying one of the following Nationally Recognised Courses with Suzan Johnston:

This means you can study child care at Suzan Johnston Australia and only pay a small portion of our standard course!

To be eligible for a Government Funded Child Care Course, you must:

1. Be either an Australian, New Zealand Citizen or a Permanent Resident
2. Live in Victoria or South Australia

Check the eligibility requirements yourself!

To make sure you meet the necessary criteria, you can check the relevant government websites link below:

* Victorians – Check your eligibility for [Skills First Government Funding here]

* South Australians – Check your eligibility for [SA Skills Government Funding here]

What if I’m not eligible for Government Funded Training or if I live in another state/territory – can I still do the course?

No Funding? No Problem!

Not everyone qualifies for government funding, but fear not! Suzan Johnston Australia offers interest-free payment plans to anyone studying in Australia, ensuring your career dreams don’t hit a roadblock.

Confused? Reach out – we’re here to simplify the process.

Understanding if you are eligible for a Government Funded Childcare Course can be confusing, but don’t worry. We are here to help!

Contact us now, and we’ll be able to confirm your eligibility. if you qualify, we’ll handle the funding application for you – making it all a breeze.

Your future in child care starts here!