Women’s Image and Personal Development Course

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Exclusively for Women (aged 35-years plus)

For the woman seeking a refreshed personal style, a renewed sense of self and an enhanced level of confidence. Our personal development classes are delivered in an entertaining, supportive and relaxed manner; our expert ‘hands-on’ training will ensure that you achieve the results you are looking for.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Elliot


Communication Skills

  • Starting and maintaining a conversation
  • Introductions and the art of a good handshake
  • Assertiveness and listening skills
  • Keeping calm under pressure

Skin Care, Make-up, and Grooming

  • Learn the latest skin care and make-up techniques for results that are modern and flattering
  • Hair care and hair style advice

Posture and Deportment Classes

  • Identify any deportment and posture concerns
  • Active posture – embody a positive attitude
  • The art of positive body language
  • Learn how to photographed with confidence to ensure the best results

Wardrobe and Personal Styling

  • Dressing to suit your body type and the occasion
  • Building, planning and updating your wardrobe
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Mixing and matching items
  • Making the most of what you have and deciding what to add for optimal dressing

Speech Enhancement

  • Learn to speak distinctly and with confidence
  • Experience significant improvement in your pitch, diction and projection
  • Develop techniques for relaxation and breath control

Social Etiquette

  • Table manners, dining out and hosting a dinner party
  • Style and manners for weddings, business functions, special occasions etc.
  • Telephone, mobile and social media etiquette


Common Questions

Course Duration & Fees

DURATION – Women’s Image & Personal Development Course

Duration: 2-Day Course

Hours of attendance: Friday & Saturday (9.30 am – 5.00 pm)

COURSE FEES – Women’s Image & Personal Development Course


Commencement Dates & Enrolment

COMMENCEMENT DATES & ENROLMENT – Women’s Image & Personal Development Course

Keen to get started? Please click ‘ENROL NOW’ for information on Course Commencement Dates, Payment Plans; and to arrange your online booking.

Women’s Image & Personal Development Course – Online Enrolment


Should we need to cancel an intake due to COVID restrictions; any deposit monies that you have paid will be fully refundable or transferable to an alternate date.

We’ve been conducting classroom-based training for 62 years, and as always, the well-being of team members and students remains our highest priority. Our “Keeping You Safe Whilst You Study Program” provides information on our practices to ensure the health and safety of our staff and students while you complete your Image & personal development training with us. For more information on our COVID safe measures; please visit the following link:

More information on studying during COVID
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Trainers & Delivery Methods

Our Women’s Image and Deportment Course consists of highly practical workshops. Our trainers/facilitators are experienced and dynamic professionals. Their role is to ensure that each workshop is highly relevant, motivational and memorable.

Our small class sizes ensure that trainers can work closely with you to personalise your learning experience, and provide you with the help, support and direction that will really make a difference.


As a Suzan Johnston graduate, you are automatically entitled to repeat your course in the future free of charge! This ensures that you will continue to have ongoing updates for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional costs with the Women’s Image & Deportment Course?

The fee of $575.00 is an all-inclusive fee with absolutely no hidden extras or additional charges. The only “extra” you will be required to bring along is a pair of high-heeled shoes to be used during our practical deportment lessons.

Is it true that I can repeat any of the image and deportment classes again for FREE?

YES! As a Suzan Johnston Image & Deportment Course graduate, we offer you the opportunity to repeat the entire course (and/or your favorite parts of the course) in the future FREE OF CHARGE! This is our way of making sure that your knowledge and skills remain current and relevant to you always!

What are the differences between the Suzan Johnston Finishing & Deportment Course and the Women’s Image & Deportment Course?

Our Finishing & Deportment Course is delivered over four days and includes basic grooming, deportment, communication and etiquette classes. This personal development course is generally designed to suit girls/women aged between 13 and 35 years.

The Women’s Image & Deportment Course, on the other hand, is a shorter two-day course. The course content is specifically customised for the more mature participants (usually women aged between 35 and 60 plus years).

However, we also understand that finding the right finishing and deportment course to suit you should not be solely based on age as prior knowledge/skills, areas of interest, work experience etc. should also be taken into consideration.

If you are unsure about which image and deportment course best suits you, contact us! One of our friendly consultants will happily walk you through it.

Who are the Image and Deportment Course trainers?

Our highly-experienced finishing school trainers are exceptional and inspirational professionals who deliver every training session with passion and dedication.

The training team includes:

  • Professional image consultants
  • Make-up artists
  • Fashion stylists
  • Modern etiquette and communication experts

Who was Ms Suzan Johnston?

In 1959, Ms Suzan Johnston, a former fashion model, founded the training school, which became known as the Suzan Johnston Training Organization (Suzan Johnston Australia).

For more than 30 years, until her retirement, Ms Suzan Johnston enriched the lives of thousands of women, enabling them to reach their full potential and to achieve their goals. Their training at the organisation equipped them with the confidence to believe in themselves whilst opening their eyes and their minds to lives with endless possibilities.

Ms Suzan Johnston was very much a visionary and a pioneer for Melbourne women.  Our training centre that stands today demonstrates that her legacy of inspiration continues to empower women (and men) to believe, strive and achieve. Some 61 years later our training and management team remain committed to maintaining Suzan’s dream and to keeping her vision alive.

Why should I complete the Women’s Image and Deportment Course at Suzan Johnston Australia?

  • Our styling and deportment classes are fun and highly interactive, and include an extensive amount of practical activities to assist with the development and application of new skills and knowledge
  • While we may have been around for 62 years, the content of our finishing courses remains modern, current and reflective of our student’s needs
  • Our finishing and deportment classes are conducted in our modern and attractive training facilities in a central and easily accessible Melbourne city location.
  • Suzan Johnston Australia has been and continues to be an iconic finishing school since opening our doors in 1959, making us the most trusted and respected name in finishing, deportment and personal development training
  • Class sizes within our Women’s Image & Deportment Course are extremely small (approximately  5-6 participants), ensuring lessons are conducted in a uniquely relaxed and personalised learning environment
  • As a Suzan Johnston graduate you can repeat any of our finishing, deportment and etiquette classes again in the future for FREE!

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